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John Wiley & Sons, Inc., one of the oldest and largest trade publishers in the U.S. approached David Steele and asked him to write this book.

Why? As a therapist who successfully transitioned to coaching and founded Relationship Coaching Institute, a coach training program that has trained thousands, they identified the need and market for this book and concluded that David was the best qualified therapist/coach to write it. Despite a down economy, Wiley clearly believes in this book and its potential to help therapists find a more fulfilling path to making a living helping others.

And you know what? It’s a good book! Check out the reader reviews here

David Steele is passionate about introducing his fellow therapists to coaching and is available to speak on this topic on radio, television, tele-seminar, to conferences and professional organizations nationally and internationally.

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Suggested Interview Questions

1. So David, why were you frustrated as a therapist?

2. How did you discover coaching?

3. You say that you built a successful coaching practice in 90 days- how did you do that?

4. In a nutshell, what is the difference between coaching and therapy?

5. What are some misconceptions therapists have about coaching?

6. Does a therapist need training to coach their clients?

7. Can you provide coaching and therapy at the same time to a client?

8. Where should a therapist start who wants to integrate coaching into their practice?

9.  How did you come to be the founder of Relationship Coaching Institute?

10. Tell us a bit about Relationship Coaching Institute, I hear it’s quite a unique organization.

11. What are the next steps for our listeners who want to learn more about coaching?