From Therapist to Coach:

Leveraging Your Clinical Expertise to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice
By David Steele, MA, LMFT

Having recently obtained my masters in psychology I was faced with the decision of becoming a licensed therapist or certified as a coach. From Therapist to Coach was an excellent and timely resource that inspired and helped me make my decision and I am currently in the process of becoming a certified coach. Thanks David!

~ Colette Kenney, MA, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From Therapist to Coach is well written, clear, concise, and thought provoking. I highly recommend it to any clinician interested in coaching. It is full of great information for the aspiring coach and full of tips that will save time and money in pursuing a coaching practice.  The marketing chapters in particular are brilliant and confidence building.

~Valee More, The Oasis Clinic, Auckland, New Zealand

This book is very practical and helpful to the therapist who wants to make a change and feels a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities.   The section on choosing a niche was illuminating and very exciting to me. I found it helpful to have the training options outlined so clearly and the marketing section was extremely useful as well. Thank you for pioneering this transition for those of us who feel it is time to make a change.

~Shelley R. Cohen, LCSW, Beverly Hills, CA

Clinicians can make some of the best life coaches, however, the transition from therapist to coach is fraught with challenges to their perceived role as expert and the business of adding a new and distinct professional service to their practice. A real paradigm shift is required that includes both personal and professional development. From Therapist to Coach is an invaluable guidebook to aid in this transition. David Steele has made this book practical, readable and includes excellent advice and tips to create a successful transition to coaching.

~ Patrick Williams EdD, Master Certified Coach, Founder of Institute for Life Coach Training

From Therapist to Coach is the best book about coaching and building a successful coaching practice I’ve read so far. It’s practical with a solid theoretical foundation and a wealth of knowledge and experience. It is such a pleasure to read for a savvy reader. This book makes a great deal of sense and helps put coaching into perspective by identifying and addressing the potential questions/concerns which might arise for therapists from a traditional therapeutic background using useful analogies and practical examples. I absolutely loved this book! It’s written with ease, grace, humour and style, as well as with a great deal of respect and understanding of both worlds.

~ Irina Hart, MFT, Melbourne, Australia

From Therapist to Coach is bursting with invaluable, practical considerations and recommendations.  I highly recommended this book as the definitive resource for therapists who are curious about coaching.  David Steele has crafted a marvelous ‘insider guide’ to the tricky and delicate art of introducing and integrating coaching to your practice.  It’s concise nature appealed to me while simultaneously it is so thoroughly comprehensive in its exploration of all considerations.

This book has sparked a renewed passion for my work as I have struggled the last couple of years with how to incorporate coaching into my psychotherapy practice. I knew there must be a way to do it but lacked the ‘how to.’  Based upon his years of experience and real insight, David Steele supplies the necessary tools to do so effectively as well as invaluable strategies to help avoid the pitfalls. I can finally move forward now in developing a profitable, solid practice as a coach without compromising or conflicting who I am as a therapist.  I’ve already made some excellent progress as a result of reading this book.  Without hesitation I highly recommend this as a book that you will return to time and time again as a handbook for your private practice as a therapist/coach.

~Sharon O’Farrell, MIHA, Navan, Ireland