About the Author

David Steele

Author, Relationship Coaching Pioneer, and Global Authority on Growing a Profitable Private Practice
Talented therapists on the edge of career burnout seeking a new way to make a difference for clients and their own balance sheets are singing the praises of David Steele’s book — From Therapist to Coach: Leveraging Your Clinical Expertise to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice — published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. His practical advice about how to grow and sustain a profitable, rewarding coaching practice gives struggling therapists cause for hope and celebration.

After two decades serving as a couples therapist in full-time private practice, Steele grew weary trying to save marriages and chase insurance reimbursements to survive.  He discovered personal life coaching in 1996.  Within three months of completing his initial coach training, Steele transformed his therapy practice into a thriving and profitable coaching practice. He subsequently created and tested a standardized model for relationship coaching that is the foundation for the curriculum taught at the Relationship Coaching Institute — the first and largest relationship coach training organization in the world.  Steele and his team at RCI have since trained thousands of relationship coaches and mentored hundreds of therapists and coaches to build successful, sustainable practices that guide their clients to enjoy more satisfying, functional lives so they can make a difference in the world.

A prolific writer and creator of proprietary and proven coaching models, mentoring programs, and practice building products such as Private Practice Magic and Private Practice Marketing on a Budget, Steele is an industry pioneer and a sought-after speaker and trainer who is passionate about showing therapists a better way to achieve lasting success and significance.   As he often says, “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.  What matters is where you’re going and how you’ll get there.”

Steele is happily married to his soul mate Darlene and parent to three children — including twin boys.  He lives in Northern California.